Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"The Snautilus." Watercolor on paper. 12" X 12"

I went to a workshop at DragonCon in 2013 hosted by the amazing Omar Rayyan. He started with a blank sheet of paper, a tiny jelly jar from breakfast filled with water, a homemade pallet of watercolors, and an assortment of fine-point brushes. In four hours, he painted a man with a turtle for a hat. It was marvelous and he did absolutely no sketching ahead of time. He simply used layers and layers of dilute paint to first set up the form then work in the details. 

I was so inspired, I came home and cranked out this guy (in more than four hours) using the same technique. It was an interesting exercise, but I found it was easy to let the painting get ahead of me and loose focus. In the end, I loved my Snautilus, his Octobutler, and his cuddlefish dessert, but grew impatient (a theme, really) and rushed the background since I really hadn't thought much of the composition before I started it. After this guy, I went back to my usual sketching-first approach. 

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