Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"Fantasy" Watercolor on Illustration Board 20" X 30"

It's once again time for the annual On My Own Time art show/competition hosted by the Dallas Business Council for the Arts. This is my submission this year to the amateur works on paper category. I started the sketch on a flight from Dallas to Chicago in February 2013, and the stewardesses just loved watching the pair take shape. For once, I had no shortage of beverages during a flight! When I got back home, I inked it for posterity (using a stylus and pot of ink the old school way) then transferred it to a much larger piece of illustration board. 

The thing took forever to paint and I'm notoriously flighty when it comes to any endeavor, so I rushed at the end to finish it and in hindsight, I feel I goofed her face. Lesson learned. With watercolors, you can never go back. You must learn to face and accept your poor decisions. I have also learned that I do better in oils, but more of that in later posts. 

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